About Manali Petrochemicals

Manali Petrochemicals Limited (MPL) is a petrochemical company developing innovative products, since 1986, that find application in a variety of industries such as appliances, automotive, bedding, food & fragrances, furniture, footwear, paints and coatings, and pharmaceuticals. Our goal is to provide solutions to real world problems that improve the quality of peoples’ lives. MPL is focused on sustaining leadership positions in its markets and creating value for all its stakeholders.

About Us

Vision & Mission

“To continuously enhance our customer centric approach towards product customization and to upgrade safety and environmental standards for the betterment of the community at large”.

Innovation and customer focus are the two guiding principles of research and development efforts at MPL. The objective is to enhance the value of customers’ businesses.
How agility helped MPL respond to COVID-19
How agility helped MPL respond to COVID-19
How agility helped MPL respond to COVID-19

Latest News

Penn-White Limited, the Company’s Overseas Stepdown Subsidiary in UK, has announced the appointment of Mr. Tobias Tasche as its Chief Executive Officer(CEO).

Manali Petrochemicals Q4 net plummets to Rs 1.33cr


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